The Coaching Strategy is focused on the transformation of your sales manager into a gross profit generator. During our 3 day course, your sales manager

will learn processes designed to track, measure, and monitor the performance of his sales team. Additionally, he will acquire the human skills necessary to prepare a career path for each salesperson by creating a high impact sales team, increasing the closing ratio and gross profit, and by decreasing the turnover rate amongst your sales force.

RG LOYALTY’s curriculum is based on real-world, no-nonsense solutions where our trainers work the sales floor side-by-side with your sales manager to maximize skill-building.

The transformation from manager to a Coach includes floor traffic management and daily review of real-time information by applying processes/strategies to optimize the productivity and assure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Contact our office today for a free demonstration of our Coaching 2016 strategy. See how easy it is to develop leadership and the human skills needed to create a Coach that is focused on gross profit.

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