Used Car Profit Center – CPO

Many dealerships depend too much on the new car department and are very vulnerable to the cycles in the automobile industry. RG LOYALTY’s “Used Car Profit Center” Strategy focuses on creating and sustaining a profit center that will generate more new car sales in order to satisfy the demand for premium used cars. During the 2 day seminar, your RG LOYALTY Coach will provide your managers with real-world dealership data, practical business exercises, and proven best practices in order to have a clear understanding of the following topics:

â–  Market potential
â–  Inventory mix
â–  How to find and buy core units
â–  Reconditioning policy
â–  Inventory turnover
â–  Return on investment (ROI)
â–  Appraisal policy
â–  Measuring / maximizing the opportunities in the showroom
â–  Developing and coaching a sales team.

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