Coaching Academy Florida

The experience of RG LOYALTY “Coaching Academy” is unique in its kind; it takes place in our classrooms in Broward County, Florida where more than 120 dealers / sales managers have graduated from in the last 2 years.

RG LOYALTY uses the learning method of combining “theory and practice. During class in the morning, they learn the modules of sales process and human capital development. In the afternoon, they make visits to dealerships nearby that have mastered the same processes / philosophy of “Coaching” and have reached outstanding monthly results that are not only growing but sustaining its market share. The transformation of your sales manager into a Coach means having a performance totally focused on generating GROSS PROFIT through a well-prepared and motivated sales team.

The “Coaching Academy” experience is highly rewarding and productive since the participants can ask questions and exchange tips / ideas with some of the best “Coaches” in our industry. This can include sharing real-life experiences and openly discussing the best techniques of closing sales and developing salesmen.

Those attending the Coaching Academy are:

Owners / shareholders of dealerships in North America and Latin America.
Dealership key people such as: Directors, General Managers, Business Managers, Controllers, Used Car Managers, Sales Managers and F& I managers.
OEM – Banks and Captive Finance: directors, zone managers and train-the-trainer coaches.
Sons / daughters of dealers preparing for the succession process.

The RG LOYALTY Coaching Academy’s goal is to create a new generation of leaders that understand the people value in our industry and to develop a bank of loyal and satisfied customers that assure profitability and sustained growth.

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